Production service for US doc (I)

"The Good Breast"
Elizabeth Karr
Rebecca Messner
Jon Reiss
Bernadette Wegenstein
Victor Livingston
Bernadette Wegenstein
Bernadette Wegenstein
Allen Moore
Victor Livingston
Doris Doyle
Lauren Schnaper
Carol McGinnis
Shelia Westry
Sheri Slezak

Four strikingly different women undergo treatment at a comprehensive breast center presided over by the inimitable and searingly honest veteran surgeon Dr. Lauren Schnaper. She believes that fear, ignorance, and pink-ribbon culture are fueling an explosive rate of unnecessary mastectomies in America. Blending medical archival footage with extensive 'collateral damage' suffered by our four women - repeated loss of implants, blood infections caused by multiple surgical procedures, cosmetic nipple exchanges, reactions to cadaver's skin that is used to house breast implants - we learn that breast reconstruction post-mastectomy is no 'boob job.' As Dr. Schnaper advocates breast conservation and debunks breast cancer myths, so the myth of St. Agatha, the Sicilian martyred saint of the breast, offers a commentary on our own confused contemporary moment.

tausend Rosen provided support for the production services in Catania, Sicily.