The classic advertising film has changed immensely in recent years, moving from star directors and enormous budgets in the 90’s, to the advent of the online market and digitization in the new millennium. For the producers, this means being flexible, streamlining and keeping your eyes open in order to offer solutions for every need, proving to agencies and clients again and again that you are the right choice for the job, and thus winning them over as long-term partners.

The democratization of both the means of production as well as the marketing, one parameter remains invaluable: the expertise of the individual producer. Their in-depth resource knowledge coupled with years of experience and proven knowledge of the industry with regard to which audiovisual result a certain customer will expect, provides added value and security.

 tausend Rosen has adopted an intradepartmental approach that allows us to happily and successfully take on new challenges such as content production for the online market or the development of concepts for corporate image films.