This and two other videos are a joint production of tausend Rosen Filmproduktion and their subsidiary Rocketbike ARVR in Vienna, which not only produced the 3D objects for the video production, but also developed the App for the Microsoft HoloLens.

BKW now has new opportunities for energy consulting: Potential customers can test the HoloLens glasses at Ski World Cup races in Switzerland at the BKW stand and take a look at the future of energy.

Thanks to mixed reality, Swiss ski star Carlo Janka can look at the construction site and see how the house will look when it is done. In this case, he can even see where energy is used in the house. The house looks like any other building shell. Only the inner workings are still missing: The building technology from BKW. It is this technology that makes the house unique. Thanks to the BKW Home-Energy products, the house will soon produce a portion of its own energy. However, as BKW ambassador and ski star Carlo Janka enter the construction site with BKW energy consultant Silvan Büchli, none of the technology can yet be seen. Until they put on the HoloLens glasses. Suddenly Janka sees the whole Home-Energy system. When he looks at the roof, he sees the photovoltaic panels. When he looks at the cellar, the heat pumps for heating and water as well as the solar energy storage system appear. Thus, the house suddenly becomes a small power plant that intelligently distributes and stores the self-produced energy. BKW is thus turning its customers into electricity producers. And thanks to the solar storage, they can actually use this energy themselves. “That makes sense when it comes to price. For many customers, it also simply feels good to know they are consuming their own electricity,” says BKW energy consultant Büchli. With the HoloLens glasses, which project the virtual objects into reality, BKW is also breaking new ground in consulting, allowing the technology that is usually hidden to be viewed and experienced.

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