GÖSSER - Image Promotion Spot

In the Stubai Valley, this image promotion TV-commercial for the winter season 2017/2018 was produced for GÖSSER. Under logistically challenging conditions and supervised by several mountain guides, a total of three camera teams shot at difficult-to-reach locations, some of them at an altitude of over 3,200 meters.
The TV-commercial follows Hans Knauß, Hannes Reichelt and Max Franz on a high alpine ski tour that comes to an end with a GÖSSER at an alpine chalet.
"We Austrians express our passion for winter and skiing in very different ways. But no matter how we express it, we all want to enjoy our passion together", is the off-text.
Director: Thomas Dirnhofer; Agency: McCann Erickson (CD: Gerd Turetschek), WWP Creative (Martin Grüner)