“BULB FICTION” Opens in Austrian Cinemas

Producer Thomas Bogner, director Christoph Mayr, distributor Andreas Thim, cinematographer Moritz Gieselmann and supervising producer Andrew Payer (from left to right) appeared at the premiere of the investigative documentary “Bulb Fiction” at the  Künstlerhaus Kino in Vienna on September 14th, 2011.

The Austrian Film Commission awarded “Bulb Fiction” with the distinction “Especially Worthwhile”

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture “recommended” the film and said the following:

Bulb Fiction is an extremely fact-packed movie, which provides not only a historical overview of the history and end of the light bulb, but also exciting insights into EU-wide decision-making processes and how the PR mechanisms function. The film tells a very fact-rich and immensely complex story and allows countless people to share their viewpoints.

“Bulb Fiction” opens in Austrian cinemas on September 16th, 2011.

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